Theodore Dawes


Chief’s Tailboard Talk for August 2022

Hello, Theodore Dawes Community,

As we close on the first month of my tenure as your Fire Chief, I would like the
community to know where we are going in our service to you. Right out the gate, changes were
made to better serve the community in the field of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). You
may have noticed our Sprint cars more in the last month. Those lit up Ford Explorers, are your
Theodore Dawes Fire Rescue (TDFR) personnel responding to your neighbors, EMS needs. We
average between 250 to 300 medical calls per month. Using the Sprint cars helps to save wear
and tear on the fire trucks and has already produced a savings in our fuel cost. You will still see
the fire trucks on medical calls, particularly vehicle accidents, very bad weather, technical
incidents, or if they were already out with the truck. We are using the smaller Sprints to help the
fire trucks last longer and to save on cost.

We are working hard behind the scenes to help our responding personnel provide our community
with the best services we can offer. There are currently a lot of irons in the fire researching ways
to save the community money, while at the same time improve response services and needs. The
future is bright for the Theodore Dawes area and the TDFR and we look forward to seeing what
is in store.

I would like to reach out and say thank you to the community for the kind water donations. Also,
to the Azalea City Republican Women’s organization for their recent Hydration for Heroes
Drive. Not only did they donate many cases of water and drinks to the TDFR, but they also
donated to departments all over the county. Thank you Tesa and Donna for your generous efforts
with that endeavor.

As we head into the Dog Days of summer, I would remind everyone to stay hydrated when doing
activities outside. One can easily be overcome by the heat and humidity. Seems like we get rain
every day and then the sun pops back out and it just becomes an unbearable sauna for everyone.
So, drink plenty of fluids and find some shade when working or playing outside.
Also, just a reminder, school gets cranked back up this month, so keep alert to school bus traffic,
kids at bus stops and walking to and from school. Pay attention and let’s all help our children
have a great school year.

Many thanks and stay safe,

Chief Byrd